Adila Pipe Cut Brush Finish Tungsten Carbide Ring

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Wedding Band Details

  • Material: Tungsten & Wood
  • Ships Same Business Day
  • Premium Ring Box Included
  • Complimentary Shipping Upgrade on Every Order
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy Returns & Exchanges

A wedding is a representation of a lasting and beautiful union between two love birds which is sealed by this adorable piece. It will be a constant reminder of the celebration of both love and marriage. This band does accentuate your entire look and matches with any outfit any day-either a dress up or even a dress down. It certainly enhances a glow and a sophistication to everything you wear. The beveled edges that are perfectly polished add a sparkle that is undeniably eye-catching. It easily becomes the center of attraction in any crowd making it a highly enviable topic for discussion. The black enhances a pretty color that pops with no effort. For that fashion forward person, this timeless treasure is totally fashion faithful. This piece not only aptly describes romance but also adds that touch of beauty that is nature-inspired. Unlike other traditional bands, this ring is very durable and highly resistant to being corroded.