Alyssum Pipe Cut Brushed Tungsten Carbide Band with Rose Gold Plated Groove

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Wedding Band Details

  • Material: Tungsten
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The feminine cut to this petite pipe-cut tungsten ring is sure to suit the beautiful woman at your side. From this moment forward you will be as one looking outward. Two souls combining into one unified being, bonded by the beautiful tradition of marriage. Just as man and wife embrace one another, so too does the tungsten outer band encompass the breathtaking rose gold at it’s core. Let the bond warm you and the unity that the band represents never be forgotten. Hold true to the words spoken to one another in eternal promise. “To have and to hold, to protect and to cherish.” This symbol of unity and strength is sure to stand upon your finger as vibrant and blemish free as the day he placed it there. Remember that the relationship you hold in this tiny powerful symbol is composed of something far stronger than any material known to man, at the heart of your marriage is unbreakable love, unselfish desire, and never ending friendship.