Arum Wolf Track Engraved Black Tungsten Ring

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  • Material: Tungsten
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When asked what animal people should take caution when domesticating, a wolf-handler said that the wolf is one difficult animal to handle. Wolves might belong to the dog family but the similarities end there. Unlike a dog, a wolf eats more and demands a lot of attention. Wolves are innately more intelligent as well as playful. Wolves have a stronger personality and whoever succeeds in domesticating one gets an animal that is a fierce guardian, highly loyal, and full of energy. So, what do wolves have to do with wedding bands and romance? The personality. A wolf is a symbol of very careful curation of habits; it stands for mystery, loyalty, and security. If you’re going to be committing to someone as a man, the black wolf-track engraved tungsten ring is something you might want to seriously consider. Think about it; you are the guardian of your union, and some mystery is always welcome.

This ring is covered by a comprehensive lifetime warranty. This ring is made to the highest standards using quality materials and expert craftsmanship, and is guaranteed to be free of defects. Any jewelry that fails to meet our standards of excellence will be replaced under our warranty. If your ring cracks or breaks from accidental damage, it will also be replaced under our warranty terms. The warranty covers free resizing for life; should you ever need a size replacement, it’s covered by the warranty.