Betty Black Ceramic Band with Black & Green Carbon Fiber Inlay and Green Emerald

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Wedding Band Details

  • Material: Ceramic & Carbon Fiber
  • Ships Same Business Day
  • Premium Ring Box Included
  • Complimentary Shipping Upgrade on Every Order
  • Lifetime Warranty
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Green and black are not obvious combinations. They’re both dark and rich, with different shades. Green is the color of vitality. It is the color of the earth, and all that is calm and rich. When you wear green, you speak environment and love for nature. Green is composed and sure about itself. On the other hand, black is powerful. It’s like that smart kid in class who seemed to know the answers but kept silent unless explicitly asked to answer. Never in a hurry, yet always fully competent. This combination of black and green yields a mysterious yet beautiful ring. The ring also features an emerald to complete the ensemble. This ring looks futuristic and sophisticated. May its green calm you when marriage gets rocky, and its black give you strength to keep working at being a better partner.