Blazing Tungsten Carbide Band with Mother of Pearl Inlay & White Diamond

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Wedding Band Details

  • Material: Tungsten
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The mother of pearl; the heart and soul of the deepest blue of the ocean; the laurels of a resolve and determination through the depths of pursuit and truest passion. With cut, beveled edges playing dashes of light and shadow in figures of silhouette and enlivened hand, and polished throughout of an alluring tungsten carbide alloy build, this band solidifies the solemn heart and impassioned vow of faithfulness in love and matrimony through years of equable and yet ardent marriage; the mother of pearl inlay exuding a special wealth of emotion in deep and cascading hues of blues and greens, an infinity of color in light and motion. In the heart, within the very soul, embedded imperishably into a wide tungsten carbide surface the breadth and width of the design, is a single, shimmering white diamond as the very essence of the ring in physical gleam and angelic, ethereal symbolism: a pearl in heart and design.