Bouvardia Custom Fingerprint Engraved Brushed Pipe Cut Black Tungsten Band

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Wedding Band Details

  • Material: Black Tungsten
  • Ships Same Business Day
  • Premium Ring Box Included
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  • Lifetime Warranty
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Identity. That is the message that is clearly posted when you look at this fingerprint engraved flat pipe cut black tungsten ring brushed. Let’s ignore the tungsten carbide base which is actually stringer than titanium, and the absolutely magnificent black color and focus more on this interesting engravement. The fingerprint is a mark of individual identity. No two people share the same fingerprints. That then means that no people share their complete individuality, not even identical twins. Being who you are is important, and marriage shouldn’t change you. This person who makes you look and want to buy this ring fell in love with the person you are, not the person you will become after marriage. Your individualism is a big part of their attraction to you. Of course, in marriage you have to make adjustments. However, you must always maintain that which is truly you, and this ring will be there to remind you.