Budalla Horse Head Engraved Flat Black Tungsten Ring

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  • Material: Tungsten
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The horse is an animal known for stability, endurance and devotion. In literature, horses symbolize strength and love. This is what this ring will communicate to your spouse, sibling, parent, or child. Made of black tungsten, the ring symbolizes power and insists on strength. With a polished finish, it is outstanding yet laid back. It is loud yet remains silent. At first sight, the luster attracts the eye but then it sits back and lets the beholder appreciate the symbolism in the materials and engraving. This ring is perfectly suited for anyone who appreciates symbolism and depth, or for those who just love horses! The engraving is subtle enough that this ring looks like a classic style from a distance, making it perfect to wear with a suit to a wedding or just at the country club for a tipple. This is a gorgeous wedding band choice for many, but it makes great fashion jewelry as well so don't hesistate to choose this ring for a friend or family member.

This ring is covered by a comprehensive lifetime warranty. This ring is made to the highest standards using quality materials and expert craftsmanship, and is guaranteed to be free of defects. Any jewelry that fails to meet our standards of excellence will be replaced under our warranty. If your ring cracks or breaks from accidental damage, it will also be replaced under our warranty terms. The warranty covers free resizing for life; should you ever need a size replacement, it’s covered by the warranty.