Landscape Scene with Deer and Mountain Range Engraved Flat Tungsten Ring

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Before cars became their achilles, deer were known for much more powerful and beautiful things. Traditionally the stage is the king of the forest and protects all other animals in his realm. Native Tribes of North America go as far as to say, they are messengers of the gods who help to generate change. Deer are known to be gentle yet powerful creatures who represent sensitivity, intuition, and gentleness. This tungsten wedding band will act as a constant reminder of the power and grace that come with leading the family through the journey you've delved into together. The picturesque engravings of mountains and forests symbolize the beauty that comes with unity, and the not always even path through life. Like the Tungsten Carbide it is composed of, your marriage is bound to last forever, it's scratch resistant and fade proof surface will offer a reflective message with every glance it is afforded.

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