Clover Hammered Finish White Tungsten Ring

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  • Material: Tungsten
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Eating you cake and having it. That is kind of how a hammered finish comes off. When you look at this hammered finish white tungsten ring you notice that it is has its shine, yet it’s not polished. The inside is polished for the purpose of making the ring easy to slide on. The exterior is hammered for an artistic finish that carries symbolism as well. The thing is, despite the mushy feelings of love the world really doesn’t care about your love and marriage life. The world continues to function in arrogant ignorance of your beautiful union. Life throws challenges and sometimes treats you unfairly. There will be rough times, and you might even question your decision to get married along the journey. This hammered finish is a reminder that despite the rough treatment, you will always keep your form and maintain your shine. The scars might show, but your character will shine through. No matter what.