Dracontos Tungsten Carbide Band with Black & Blue Carbon Fiber and Blue Diamond

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  • Material: Tungsten
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The influence of technological advancement and intricate industry has spawned certain luxurious ramifications far into every realm of life as we know it in modern society; the domains of fine and delicate arts have been no exception, evidenced by this remarkable and intriguingly unique design—an alluring and metallic build of a muscular, tungsten carbide alloy body and fitted with a solid band of intricately hewn black and blue carbon fiber weave the full span of the curvature of this ring, evincing that very influence of the technological and mechanic influence into the realms of fine art. The symbolism of such a piece cannot be overlooked; as determined and enduring as the most steadfast machine, this ring is a statement in unending faiths and persistence in passionate devotion. At the very heart and soul of the machine, the pivotal mechanism of the entire piece: a brilliantly blue diamond, expertly embedded and casting beams into infinity.