Durian Custom Fingerprint Engraved Brushed Flat Pipe Cut Tungsten Band

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Wedding Band Details

  • Material: Tungsten
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  • Premium Ring Box Included
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Make a marriage so strong that it creates its own identity. That’s a challenge, but one that is achievable with patience and true empathy for each other. Wedding officiators speak on two joining up in marriage and becoming one. In fact, so does society because it starts calling the married couple by a single name; the Joneses, for example. So yes, there is actually an aspect of coming together and becoming one but the question is, how strong will that oneness be? Now look at this fingerprint engraved flat pipe cut tungsten ring brushed ring and reflect on it for a couple of minutes. This ring is built on a strong foundation of tungsten carbide but engraved with a mark of strong identity. This is a perfect representation of the aspirations of any marriage. To be built upon a string base of love and mutual respect, and to be so strong that it acquires its own identity.