Eucalyptus Polynesian Fishing Hook Pattern Engraved Flat Black Tungsten Ring

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  • Material: Tungsten
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Before you met your partner, you did meet many other people. In the sea of humanity, there are billions of other people who potentially could have been in this engagement or marriage situation with you, yet it is this one person with whom you choose to spend your whole life. Think about the ocean for a moment; there are millions of fish but you can only catch one at a time with a line and hook fishing gear. No matter how many fish are out there, only one will bite the hook. While fishing and dating are worlds apart, there is similarity in the luck that is finding the perfect one. And now you can always remind yourself of that luck everyday of your life from today moving forward. This Polynesian fishing hook pattern ring engraved flat black tungsten ring is not only wide enough, it has an actual hook engraved. Talk of symbolism.