Brushed Center Tungsten Wedding Carbide Band

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Wedding Band Details

  • Material: Tungsten
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While Cronus was not what one would consider the nicest of those in Greek mythology, he was, nonetheless, one of the first set of titans. He also has a memorable story. This beveled circle is both polished and brushed which gives it style and separates it from the others in its own special way. In the long run, after some outrageous choices, Cronus stood out from the rest, as well. The numerous bevels provide a clear parallel to the slopes and angles of long term commitments. The grey physique stands for strengths of each spouse compensating for the weaknesses of the other to form a bond like nothing else in the Universe. Fashion this and remember that like this ring, your life will have its own twists and turns. Be loyal to the core like the tungsten that holds all of this gem together, strong and true until the end.

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