Hound Black Ceramic Wedding Band with Red Opal Inlay

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The striking property of this black ceramic wedding band with beveled edges and red opal inlay is the contrast between the red opal and the black tungsten. Did you know that the opal gets its color from iron impurities in its crystalline structure? Yes. The beauty of this stone comes not from its purity but its imperfections. This ring, as a sign of love and togetherness in marriage, will not only symbolize the beauty of a union, it will in its essence be proof that diversity and imperfection gives us character. People don’t fall in love and stay together because there is flawlessness in their union; they stay together because they have managed to accept their flaws. Like the tungsten and red opal, the marriage is made beautiful by the coming together of two people who carry different personal attributes and imperfections. The union is made strong and beautiful through that.