Ipheion Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band with Brushed Center and Alternating Grooves

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Wedding Band Details

  • Material: Tungsten & Wood
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  • Premium Ring Box Included
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There is an excitement about getting married, but there is some anxiety too. Will this person change on men when we walk down the aisle and he or she knows that we now are bound by the law? Will I lose my sense of self in the marriage and years down the line realize I lost myself? There are questions that run through the mind of everyone who is about to get engaged or married. Love and companionship are beautiful feelings, and many will never truly enjoy them. The uncertainties will be there, and they can be overwhelming. Allow us to chip away at some of that uncertainty. We present this beveled tungsten carbide wedding band with brush finished center and alternating grooves with a promise that it will last long and maintain its profile, as it currently is if used well. We wish that on your marriage. Longevity, and stability.