Kageneckia Knife Edge Tungsten Carbide Ring

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  • Material: Tungsten
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A life lived anywhere else but on the edge, is one life too many wasted. Please indulge us, if there is no palpitation of the heart with anxiety or excitement, why would you even want to do it? We’re not advocating for careless risks and mindless pursuit of emotional excitement; what we’re for is stretching limits and testing just how far too far is. This gorgeously clean cut and highly polished knife edge tungsten carbide ring epitomizes the edge. In its middle runs a fine line that imbues thoughts of transition as well as conjoinment. This ring will be there on your finger asking you how far you are willing to go for the one you wear it for. Go conquer new lands and break bread on new tables under new horizons. Explore emotional adventure and discover each other. This and more, plus its classic style is what you get from this arresting ring.