Kinouboila Black Ceramic Band with Shell Inlay

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  • Material: Tungsten
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We know more about the moon that we know about our own seas and oceans. There are areas in the oceans where no man has ever been, yet man has been to the moon. That goes to show just how much uncertainty there is as sea. The soft mollusks of the sea need protection from the predators as well as the elements found in water. To cope, they evolved to produce an exoskeleton which we now call a shell. When these animals die they leave this naturally strong and beautiful material, and that is when divers collect the most exquisite of shells and send them to jewelers. These artisans in turn use the shells to create some of the most striking works like this black ceramic wedding ring with shell inlay and beveled edges. How do you feel about wearing nature’s own protection, as a symbol of your bond in love?