Lobelia Black Ceramic Wedding Band with Blue & Orange Opal Inlay

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  • Material: Ceramic
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Galactic; the universe, cascading in astonishing flashes of starry glints and hazy hues of prismatic greens, yellows, blues, oranges, myriad; an effervescent display, radiating in the remarkable play of a supernova — the allurement of generations of star-gazers the world over and across eons. As the midnight black of a night deep in seclusion, the city far-removed, a night spent with a passionate lover, this band, in the body of a jet-black and polished ceramic, shimmers with the deep and enigmatic dark of symbolisms far-reaching and universal. As a foundation for the veritable galaxy in style and the embedded inlay, two precise, beveled edges circumscribe the intergalactic vibrancy of the prismatic blues and oranges — a brilliant opal, expertly seated as a focal point the scope of this unique ring. Make your love a vow of an ever-expanding wealth of passion and devotion to that all-encompassing, exhilarating journey: the journey of celestial matrimony.