lupine Tungsten Diamond Carbide Band with Silver Inlay

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Wedding Band Details

  • Material: Tungsten
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Silver is classic. It is traditional and with tradition comes a certain reverence and sincerity. Like silver, the concept of a wedding is traditional. Humanity has had the practice where two come together and start a life together, and a family, for as long as it has been around. That’s why we are here today. it’s how the species continues to be. At the heart of marriage is the tradition of love and responsibility. To be married is to take another person and vow to stand by them emotionally, and in any other way that you can, forever. The purity of marriage as an institution comes from its role in shaping societies that thrive. As a milestone of life itself, marriage is solemn. With such an understanding, it is expected that the wedding bands be a presentation of the tradition. With a touch of modernity, this beveled tungsten diamond carbide ring is inlaid with silver embodies that reality.