Mallow Tungsten Band with Brushed Center

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  • Material: Tungsten
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It’s not the water that kills the shine on your ring; it’s your sweat. Many people don’t understand that rings are in constant contact with the skin, making the skin warm at the points covered by the band. The effect is sweat which over time causes the inside of the ring to start corroding away. That in turn allows the material that the ring is made from into the blood stream, and ugly reactions might be the result. And that is why it is super important for wedding and engagement rings to be made from stable and unreactive materials. This beveled tungsten ring with brushed center does not react with your sweat. That means it will not corrode, and neither will it make you sick. Think about it, a marriage is about cooperation and true friendship. Would you consider something that makes you ill a perfect symbol for such a union?