Mentha Velociraptor Dinosaur Engraved Flat Black Tungsten Ring

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The Velociraptor, one of the many monarchs of the Jurassic period and prehistory as a whole, can now be wrapped around your finger due to a form of preservation known as paleo. Here is one of at least thousands of rings containing tungsten, a form of steel. Complimented by dinosaur bone tidbits and several engraved, miniature raptors, this is a diamond in the rough. The primary color being black gives it a tough exterior which a lot of dinosaurs had and probably needed to have in cases of trying to survive among the rest. This along with some others is available in a few different sizes. That being said, it can be thin and delicate or wide and mighty, whatever your personal preference may be. It is a pivotal moment in future history when someone can mingle prehistoric material with the elements of the present. That someone could be you.