Pegrina Black Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band with Brushed Center and Alternating Grooves

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Wedding Band Details

  • Material: Tungsten
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  • Premium Ring Box Included
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If you can wear a black ring on your marriage or engagement finger then you can pretty much face anything life throws at you. Black rings are so misunderstood, it actually spins heads to think of all the funny, and sometimes creepy, things people associate with black rings. Hey, can’t a black ring sitting on the marriage finger just be a ring representing a beautiful union? That’s society for you; always curious and quick to draw conclusions. Which makes this beveled black tungsten carbide wedding band with brush finished center and alternating grooves such an intrigue. When you step out in this ring you will get people talking. You will get stares and you will draw imagination. You will, if only for but a few seconds, be the focus of many eyes and minds. For those seconds you will also be communicating that you are a person who is proudly committed to another. And that, dear friend, is the ultimate purpose of a ring.