Purslane Tungsten Wedding Band with Boa Snake Skin Design Inlay

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  • Material: Ceramic
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Animal print doesn’t have to be confined to cheetah print only; nature has an abundance of beautiful print. Regardless whether you are looking for a wedding ring, engagement ring, or an updating ring for you or your partner this tungsten ring with boa snake skin design inlay should be perfect. You don’t have to be an expert to determine the beauty of this ring. Inspired by the boa constrictor, this ring is as good looking as it is meaningful. The boa constrictor is one of nature’s most patient predators. It stalks its prey, wraps itself around it, powerfully squeezes the life out of it then feeds at its pleasure. Not the most romantic imagery, but then again life isn’t an ongoing romance. So, ask yourself, what kind of a partner are you? Would you patiently consider marital challenges, then squeeze solutions out with the strength of a constrictor?