Shadbush Rounded Brushed Center Groove Tungsten Carbide Ring

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Wedding Band Details

  • Material: Tungsten
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Through the trials and trying times, the ups and downs, the unforeseeable dynamics and the unforgettable episodes of life in love and marriage, the symbol of solidity will work a sure and faithful burrow as a point of trust in a marriage. A wedding band should express itself as just that very symbol. Cut into a rounded, tungsten carbide ring, and brushed with a subtly textured etching to play in shades of light and bright, metallic hues, this band veritably speaks in firm, tranquil tones; even-tempered and equable as a dialogue of agreeable lovers. A deep, centered groove sets a cool, reliable channel as an invested and affectionate mediator across the span of the surface. In love and vows; through sickness, health, tribulations and losses; a bedrock is to be sought in the guidance of that very epitome of resolution, the promise of marriage: this band is the indefatigable light of the way.