Black Ceramic Band with Exotic Mahogany Hard Wood Inlay

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Exotic Mahogany… What more can be said, even the words flow beautifully over the lips and leave a lasting impression on your tongue. Paired with the strength of the polished black ceramic band you can expect a wondrous reminder of the strength you hold within, the steadfastness that you first felt when that ring was placed on your power finger by the woman who stole your heart, this ring isn’t just your promise to protect her, it is her promise to protect what you’ve placed so willingly in her hands as well. Together you mesh just as beautifully as the deep majestic browns of the hardwood inlay and the polished black fading into beveled edges continuing the endless circle of commitment. May the Mahogany offer you a symbol of peace and healing you find in each other, may your love be strengthened through the heated moments and come out unbreakable as the ceramic band.

This ring is covered by a comprehensive lifetime warranty. This ring is made to the highest standards using quality materials and expert craftsmanship, and is guaranteed to be free of defects. Any jewelry that fails to meet our standards of excellence will be replaced under our warranty. If your ring cracks or breaks from accidental damage, it will also be replaced under our warranty terms. The warranty also covers free resizing for life; should you ever need a size replacement, it's covered by the warranty.