Lycopodium Black Ceramic Band with Black & Red Carbon Fiber Inlay

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Wedding Band Details

  • Material: Ceramic & Carbon Fiber
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  • Premium Ring Box Included
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  • Lifetime Warranty
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No two relationships can be similar. People have different approaches to their romantic affairs, and each relationship is not only comprised of the individual personalities of each of the partners. The collective personalities give rise to the character of the relationship. Every relationship, then, carries its unique vibe, and that’s the beauty of finding someone with whom you can create a unique energy, a synergy that drives both of you forward. Ceramic has been in use as a material building resource in many artistic ventures for centuries. The process differs in accordance with regions and their respective cultures but there are steps such as drying using furnaces that will be found across nearly all ceramic workshops. The black beveled ceramic ring with black and red carbon fiber accents embodies this uniqueness. The contemporary ring defies the ordinary without being overly conspicuous. Toast, to your unique energy.