Riccia Fish Pattern Engraved Flat Tungsten Ring

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  • Material: Tungsten
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An elegant and all the more intelligent creature of that vast and interminable force, the all-encompassing ocean, the charismatic Mahi fish has been a symbol of humanity in nature and sociable personification within cultures the world over for a millennia. A universal representation of stolidity and confidence in communication and equability; the perfect figure as a metaphor for agreement — the most crucial ingredient in the recipe for a healthy and enduring relationship. That in mind, imagine now the symbolism in lovingly capturing and fostering such a creature as a statement in composure and faith in longevity and loyal marriage. This band, with the omniscient Mahi fish expertly engraved in silhouette along the full span of the ring, and into a brilliantly sheen surface of a sturdy tungsten build, is the exemplary statement of such an elegance in matrimony and a longevity in romantic spirit: the prize catch in a sea of ferocious billowings.