Koa Wood Inlay Black Ceramic Band

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Wedding Band Details

  • Material: Ceramic & Wood
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This ring is truly a remarkable piece; a token of veritable naturism and a sensational design in luxurious woods and fine jewelry-making. Imagine the island mists and sweet, sylvan aromas cascading brusquely in cool, Hawaiian breezes through a bright grove of dark red koa timbers. The brilliant vibrancy of the pacific koa tree has allured the refined of us for centuries with its deep, inviting hues of tawny reds and dark browns. Seated flush between sharp, beveled edges of a black ceramic body is an inlay; illustrious in a cut of splendid koa, thin and centered stylishly as a sleek and smart statement in taste and a cultured refinement. Polished evenly in a coat of shimmeringly thin gloss, casting reflection of light, motional at the whim of a vivacious and swimming hand, completes the grandiose look of a unique, island beauty; a gem in the sand of a ocean tide receding into a passionate evening light.

This ring is covered by a comprehensive lifetime warranty. This ring is made to the highest standards using quality materials and expert craftsmanship, and is guaranteed to be free of defects. Any jewelry that fails to meet our standards of excellence will be replaced under our warranty. If your ring cracks or breaks from accidental damage, it will also be replaced under our warranty terms. The warranty also covers free resizing for life; should you ever need a size replacement, it's covered by the warranty.