Walnut Fishing Hook Pattern Engraved Flat Tungsten Ring

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  • Material: Tungsten
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‘Gone Fishing’ ‘Off the hook’ ‘The Big Fish’ all of these terms are appreciated by fishermen universally, each signifying a pay off for effort they’ve placed into an activity that not only helps ease the mind and soul, but requires patience and an understanding of the nature of the query. Fishing on the lake is a lot like fishing in the pool of love. Now that you’ve found your ‘big fish’ the woman of your dreams, the one you’ve been casting out for since the day you realized she was what you wanted. This polished tungsten wedding band offers a happy reminder of the hook line and sinker your soulmate first bit on and is guaranteed to fit perfectly into your fisherman’s lifestyle. From it’s scratch resistant surface to it’s dark engraved fish hook patterns it represents that you understand she caught you as well, now that you are both hooked on each other we are happy to see you taking the next step and would be honored to accept a place for this ring on your finger.